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Friday, 24 February 2012

One Woman and Her Mac

An Historic Apple
I had high hopes for my 51st year. High hopes that I would be able to publish at least one post a week, or even everyday, like some bloggers. Unfortunately, my equipment let me down!

No, I don't mean my brain :D
I mean my trusty ten year old laptop! And Yes, I did say ten years old! 

But this is no ordinary laptop, no. This is a Mac.
And no ordinary Mac either.

This is an Apple PowerBook G4, once the ultimate in cool technology in its pearlesque titanium casing.
Of course, that was when it belonged to my dear Hubby!

It now belongs to me and it seems to be reflecting my own inability to quite get to grips with the frantic pace of Twenty-First Century living. Nowadays the casing looks, well, more grey than shimmery and as for its aging abilities...
It's getting slow and unable to take in some of the new-fangled software and updates that Apple want to throw at it. 

Just under two weeks ago, it all became too much for my Mac. The charger cable was beginning to get a bit thin on top. The joint between cable and adapter was no longer as flexible as it used to be and the battery wasn't charging fully. One minute my Mac had 99% of life left in it, then within ten minutes, nothing, zero, zilch, dead as a dodo :(
It wouldn't respond to CPR, (that's computer power recharge, as far as this post is concerned); and it seemed like I finally had to say 'goodbye' to my faithful old Mac and let it go...

I was very sad. Hubby tried to cheer me up by giving me a shiny sleek iPad for my birthday. It just wasn't the same. You see, my Mac and I shared a history - a life to which this young iPad can only aspire and never match. My iPad, as lovely, portable, accessible and new as it is, just cannot do all the things I need it to do. It can do a lot. Wow, yes, it is frighteningly gifted in some areas. Scarey, in fact! (For the purpose of this post, scarey means I don't fully understand it!) But what it's lacking, is that history...

All my photos are on my old Mac! And I don't know how to upload photos on to my iPad, or even if I can. So, I was unable to fully blog. I could comment but somehow, even that seemed complicated on the iPad. But, my goodness, the blogs do look good framed by its dark silky sides. And as for recipes, they look positively edible on its gorgeous back-lit screen. 

But the true beauty of my old Mac was more than just skin deep.
So Hubby, because, well, he's clever like that, did something that is never normally recommended with old laptops. He opened it up! Yes he took the back off the Mac...and fiddled! And only he knows what he really did - I dare not ask and wouldn't understand anyway even if he told me, but now, my old Mac can knock spots off most of its young PC competitors. It has a new lease of life, a new charger, a rejuvenated battery, a future in this world...And a new close friend, my iPad. They have long conversations, bounce ideas off each other, push boundaries, share platforms. It's love.

A close-up of the gorgeous roses from my dear sister

And I can access my photos.
These beauties came from my Brother-In-Law and family in France

The sun is shining again for me in blogland.


  1. You did make me smile! Have fun and I will look forward to seeing more of you!
    Have a lovely weekend X

    1. Thanks, Lou!
      Unfortunately the old mac is playing up again, so I am going to have to get used to the iPad and figure out how to get my photos on it :)
      Happy March btw!

  2. Ha That's so funny ! My two year old laptop has been nothing but trouble. Jess has an Apple Mac. Joe has a new Dell for his birthday which I might have to steel Hubby uses the sad old computer much mended by our friend who knows how to do these things !

    1. Hi Penny, all this modern technology is great when it's working but when it starts to go wrong...a nightmare! As I said to Lou, the mac is I'll again so I am back to square one :(
      Anyway have a Happy March!

  3. You sound as in love with your Mac as we are with ours - which is only going on 5 years old now, so a spring chicken compared to yours...hubby unearthed one of his earlier Macs recently and got it going again. He was so chuffed!

    What is it about Macs that make them so special? I could never ever be happy on a PC again.

    1. Hi Wendz, yes I do love my old Mac but unfortunately it is going wrong again and this time I think it may be terminal. We'll see :)
      So I guess I am going to have to get my head round the iPad and how to load piccies on to that. Have a lovely March, just in case I don't manage to post again this month!

  4. Blige!
    I had no idea you've got an iPad - I'm ALL ENVY !!!!!!!!
    The story of the sad old Mac I can totally relate to. I love my little white friend, no where near as old as yours but much loved anyway. And the thought of being without it = unbearable !
    I'm well impressed with the Mr's techy tactics !!
    Hey, Do you fancy taking part in a series to celebrate our hands? All through March I'm going to post photos celebrating how we use our hands. Come take a look, and if you want to take part - daily, weekly, whatever suits - let me know :-)
    Happy days to you!
    We must chat on phone sooooonnnn I have to give you your BOOK !!!

    1. Hello there, Josie!
      Yes, I had an iPad for my birthday - it was a total surprise :)
      I'm still getting used to it and what I can and can't do on it but it is very sleek indeed!
      I would love to join in your hands celebration, but I need to figure out how to get photos onto the iPad first!
      Tea and cakes and a long chat may be on the cards very soon! Take care :)

  5. what a super clever hubby you have...your post made me smile
    i am so pleased for you
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

    1. Thanks Jooles,
      Yes, Hubby can be very handy at times ;)
      Sadly though, my old mac is poorly again so I guess I will just have to figure out how to use the iPad properly!
      Take care :)