'If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness.' Marjorie Garber

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Rainy Days and Sundays

We've had quite a lot of rain this week, and today has been no exception. I had hoped to go off on a jolly jaunt to some nearby seaside resort but nobody else was keen on that idea. The seaside can be so special in the rain though, don't you think..?
So instead, I have been doing the jobs  I like to put off until a rainy day!  

I have washed the kitchen floor - yes, I know rain, Rosie the dog and clean floors are never a good combination but why waste an hour on a lovely sunny day doing such chores when I could be outside with Rosie. 

I've dusted the living room and asked myself again: "Why do I have so many nicknacks and candles?" "Clutter" is how my Hubby refers to all my precious bits and pieces. 
I've remodelled an old favourite strappy t-shirt to make it look a little less nineties!  

I've read issue four of 'Mollie Makes' and was especially pleased to see Dottie Angel on page nine. I love her blog, she always makes me smile! 

I've checked eBay to see if I've sold or won anything, and trawled through the listed upholstery fabrics for any bargains - nothing doing there. 

I've edited and cropped some of the photographs I had taken earlier in the week for my blog and now I'm playing with the layout and fonts and wondering what else I can do to increase my blog following.

But, It's no good, I can't put it off any longer. I need to take Rosie out for her walk even if it's raining - a dog has to do what a dog has to do!


  1. funny!
    A typical wet sunday, then?
    We watched Aladdin and played games/puzzles then went for a Puddle Hunt !! Mummy and small boy enjoyed this activity the most - Daddy and small girl were less impressed about getting wet !!!!
    Hope you've had some fun today in the sunshine and blustery wind,

  2. I love the seaside in the rain. And I love Dottie Angel too. Such an inspirational woman and always uplifting to visit her blog.

    I had a strange dream last night that we acquired a litter of black puppies, about 9 of them, who piddled all over the floor, we had layers of pee-soaked newspaper strewn about. But they were adorable nonetheless. I tell you this because they looked just like your lovely dog and her picture there reminded me of my dream!

    The only way to really increase your blog readership is to visit loads of other blogs and leave lots of good, well-thought out comments, on a regular basis.

    That way, the blog owner will likely visit you and so will some of her commenters. It's actually quite a demanding job and you really have to want followers to do it. I like having followers but haven't got the time to be all focused about gathering more.

    Just give it time and slowly you will attract new followers.

  3. That last photo of Rosie is gorgeous ! I have been doing a " job a day " and enlisting Joe now he has returned from camp. It was supposed to be blitz the lounge yesterday but I found myself making a card for a swap in the morning and later hacking four foot from the height of the shrubs which run along the joining wall with next door. I put then in on our side, it's my job to do & I loved it ! I said to hubby I'd rather do that than housework / decorating any day. Today it's raining so the lounge must be done !
    Joe has been walking Dillon for me but the dippy dawg still looks at me with those big longing brown eyes...