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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Everythings Coming Up Rosie!

I've just come back from walking Rosie and I'm glad to say the sun is shining! The day started off rather dull and wet but now it really is a beautiful Summer's day - about time too, I hear you all shouting!

I remembered that I had some pictures of the garden on the camera from last week which I had intended to use for my blog, so here they are, or most of them anyway.

For some reason, my garden is lush and green but I seem to have very few flowers at the moment, so hopefully this sunshine will make a few more bloom. This Clematis has started to twist it's way up through the dense Buddleia to the sky hoping to catch some rays.

And these Mallows just grow everywhere like weeds but I haven't the heart to pull them out, so these pink pretties are by the edge of the lawn.

I've no idea what the other pink flower is in this photo but that also grows everywhere. If you know what it's called, please let me know! It has spikey leaves along the stems, although they are soft to touch not prickly.
This gorgeous Passion Flower is one of the climbers we've added this year. I'm hoping it will fruit next year. We are very well stocked for fruit, especially the traditional soft fruits and orchard fruits but it will be nice to have something more exotic too. We are also really excited to have our first home-grown olives! I'll let you know whether they ripen or not in our English climate. They are looking quite impressive at the moment though!
This small tree had cream hydrangea-like flowers earlier in the Summer but now it has bunches of shiney red berries. I've no idea what this is called either but something is enjoying munching through it's leaves!
We have several Rose bushes and Climbing Roses. Thank goodness for them because they have been the only constant flowers we've had this Summer. Some have very little fragrance but the orange rose pictured in the last post has the most perfect fragrance and grows on long elegant almost thornless stems; everything you would wish for from a rose.
I can't imagine a flower garden without roses.
And I certainly couldn't imagine my garden without this Rosie!


  1. Thank you for sharing photos of your lovely garden. I'm envious of you having fruit trees, they won't grow where I live as the don't get enough light. Beautiful photo of Rosie too. She's adorable.
    Anne xx

  2. You have a beautiful garden. Ours is also lush and almost jungly at the moment - but it needs so much work as the weeds are taking over - they grow viciously overnight, it seems. We still have lots of roses and hollyhocks but mostly it's also just green.

  3. hello!
    Very nice tour of the garden :-) I like your passion flower very much - they're so unusual, aren't they? And I would very much like to have lots of fruit trees too!

  4. Hello Sue,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I used my regular washing powder tablet in boiling water to get my linen clean. If you click on the link I have added to my post, I wrote the full instructions a few years ago. (Clickable link: 'the boiling method')
    Please don't boil anything precious - this is a 'last resort' process for things that need desperate measures!

    Enjoy your lace,
    And your roses!

  5. gorgeous garden flowers and that Rosie - well, what to say ... but come here! Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx