'If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness.' Marjorie Garber

Friday, 11 February 2011

Birthdays and Bad Backs!

Yesterday was my 49th birthday! I had some lovely presents:

Jamie's 30 Minute Meals Recipe Book, Any Human Heart DVD,

lots of gardening bits, lots of gorgeous flowers and a fantastic portrait from my youngest daughter. 

The day was rounded off by yummy chocolate cake and my weekly dose of CSI.


Yes, I had a lovely day apart from the fact I am recovering from a bad back. I guess I'm fortunate really because I have only suffered back problems a handful of times. I am almost completely back (excuse the pun) to normal now, but there is still the hint of pain and stiffness if I do certain things, like vacuuming, (I don't miss that), and  the last two sessions at my upholstery class have been out, (I do miss that).

It is so frustrating though because tonight I am joining the audience of Radio 4's 'Any Questions' and we have to sit on school chairs for over two hours.  

I love 'Any Questions' - far less ego polishing and bashing than BBC1's 'Question Time'. At least, as it is on radio, nobody will see me sitting like I have a board attached to my back. I just hope I don't have to read out my question!


  1. Ooh, chocolate cake - mmmmmmmm!!!
    Happy Birthday to you! How exciting to be at "Any Questions" ! I hope you do get to read your question - at least you don't have to worry about blushing on the radio !!
    Have a lovely weekend - the photos of your birthday are lovely :-)
    D x

  2. Oh I can truly sympathize with you. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you back is fully recovered very soon.
    Anne xx

  4. apart from the dratted back, it all looks a most lovely Birthday. Good luck with any questions... have one? Love Helen, Darcy, Bingley xxx