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Monday, 18 July 2011

Broad Band Bean Blog!

I don't think I've ever mentioned before that I am a bit of an amateur gardener. We moved into this house about two years ago and the thing that attracted me to it the most was the large garden that, luckily, was already stocked with many perennial plants and fruit trees. I feel like it is my little bit of countryside.  Since moving here, Hubby has also become interested in the garden, which is wonderful because it is far too big for me to manage myself. He has planted the first stage of our herb garden, and it's going to be wonderful.


We owned the house for a while before we lived here and had lots of remedial building work carried out on it because the place hadn't really been touched since the 1970s. So unfortunately, the first year we didn't take full advantage of all the bounty we had, and many of the raspberries, strawberries, apples, pears and plums went to waste. Last year, after most of the 'indoor stuff' had been finished, we started to tackle the garden with the help of my dear Dad, who is an expert and prize-winning gardener. I planted a few things but apart from my lettuces, nothing was particularly successful, and I took my eye off the ball when Misha, my Dog, became gravely ill. This year, however, we are reaping the benefits and for the first time ever I have grown broad beans! (Plants courtesy of Dad.) I know, all you long standing gardeners out there are thinking: "Broad beans - what's all the fuss about!" But I have never lived anywhere before where I've been able to grow vegetables so my first crop of beans are a real cause for celebration here!

The Beans!
Tonight, they are joining the roast chicken and I'm positive they are going to taste just heavenly! Later this week, I'll share some more of my garden treasures with you...


  1. Hoorah for the broad beans!
    They are amazing, eh, as indeed is anything which comes straight from the garden :-)
    One day I hope to have a big garden too ... or an allotment !
    Enjoy :-)

  2. My first attempt at veggies last year was so exciting ! I had way too many courgettes ( from one plant ! ) and was giving them away but I was so excited. Got way too much lettuce this year ! Trying to grow French beans.

  3. every veggie birth is a lovely thing! no matter how and by whom. Embracing a garden, sharing it and inspiring others with that magical 'we can do this...' is exciting ... we, the Havens, LOVE your garden :-) Helen xx