'If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness.' Marjorie Garber

Monday, 14 November 2011

Happy Anniversary

One Year Ago Today
I can hardly believe it, but it is a year since we adopted Rosie and brought her home. The day we collected her seems just a short while ago but on the other hand, it feels as though Rosie has been a part of our family forever.

In her sixteen months of life she has seen many changes; some for the best and some sadly not. She was the 'product' of a money-making breeding exercise at one of those infamous Welsh puppy farms, a Labrador Husky cross. Puppy Rosie, or Nica as she was known then, was bought by a young couple with a baby living in a flat. Surprise, surprise, they couldn't cope and she was given up for adoption to the Four Paws Charity based in South Wales. Thankfully, her original owners did the right thing by giving her to the charity and not simply abandoning her. Hundreds of dogs are abandoned in the UK and Ireland every year. Our dear departed dog, Misha, was abandoned as a puppy. When will some people realise that they cannot treat these lovely animals as little more than trash? It makes me so angry.

But the amazing thing about Rosie is that she never loses her enthusiasm for everything. I guess that is true of all dogs, thats why we love them so much. She learns new things every day and is so smart. My husband thought she was trying to open the car door herself the other day. And when we said our 'goodbyes' to Mowgli, Rosie sat by his grave looking at the spot where he was as if to say her 'goodbye' too.
"Goodnight, Rosie." "Goodnight, Mowgli."

Remembering Her Dearest Friend

I wouldn't say that life with Rosie has been without its ups and downs, but it certainly has been homelier, healthier and most definitely, happier. Thank you, Rosie, for being my friend. 
"Nice view from here, Rosie." "Yes, Sue, very nice!"